Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Beach

By: Cassidy Hoffmann

I feel the warm, smooth sand on my feet.
The wind gently blows through my hair.
The waves crash on the shore.
As I get closer to the water my feet sink into the wet sand.
The water splashes my feet and rises to my ankles.
I hear the birds flying above me.
I feel the warm sun on my face and the blue, clear sky is so peaceful.
I see the sea shells in the sand as I walk.
The clear water washes the shells on the shore.
I smell the fresh summer air.
I feel so relaxed and calm as I walk along the beach.
This is my favorite place to be.

The Storm

By: Trista E

As the thunder clapped angrily in the distance
And the lightning danced across the sky
I knew we were stuck inside.
When we waited for the storm to calm down
It felt like forever in my time
But as the sun arrived
We all ran outside
Because summer finally arrived
So no more school and a lot of time!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Fairmont Meet

By: Bri

Last Friday, May 5th, the SEU track team traveled to Fairmont for a class A and AA meet. It was a warm, sunny day and many athletes did well in their events.
4x800: 3rd, team includes Kira D, Abigail H, Hali S, Brianna P
4x100: 3rd, team includes Lydia G, Sam W, Grace S, Cassidy H
4x200: 1st, team includes Jenny L, Sam W, Hannah M, Cassidy H
4x400: 2nd, team includes Jenny L, Kira D, Hali S, Brianna P
100m Dash: Sam W, 3rd, 14.11 sec
400m Run: Jenny L, 2nd, 1:04
100m Hurdles: Hannah M, 1st, 17.49 sec
300m Hurdles: Hannah M, 1st, 50.87 sec
High Jump: Cassidy H, 2nd, 4’10

4x100: 3rd, team includes Landon S, Luke M, Jim S, Zach S
4x200: 2nd, team includes Landon S, Luke M, Jim S, Zach S
4x400: 1st, team includes Isaac N, Luke M, Zach S, Jim S
High Jump: Landon S, 1st, 5’8
Discus: Landon S, 2nd, 112ft 10inches

Spanish 2 Final

By: Colin B

Every student in Spanish 2 have to do a final play for Spanish. I, along with Rafa, Isaac, and Adolfo are doing Little Red Riding Hood. I am Little Red Riding Hood, Rafa is the Mother, Isaac is the Wolf, and Dolf is the Grandma. I have 19 lines and the rest of my playmates have less than 19 combined together. I am super nervous and don’t have much time to get them down. This play won't make or break my grade, but a solid 130/150 would be the best thing that’s ever happened to me lol. Good luck to all plays.

The Past

By: Trista E

As I think about the the past
I think about the parties and summers
and how we spend them together.
I think about the ups not the downs
Because if you can't change it
why replay it?


By Brie B

“If everything was perfect, you
Would never learn and you
Would never grow”
~Beyonce Knowles~

NBA Playoffs

By: Avery Stevens

This year there were many surprises in the National Basketball League. The Utah Jazz, Washington Wizards, Milwaukee Bucks, and Boston Celtics all made the playoffs for the first time in awhile. They are down to quarterfinals right now with Utah playing Golden State, Boston playing Washington, Toronto playing cleveland, and Houston playing San Antonio. I personally think that the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to win the NBA finals. There also could be one surprise team to win it all like the Boston Celtics.