Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Top 5 NHL Arenas

By: Colin B

My top 5 NHL arenas are of the following

Joe Louis Arena (Detroit Red Wings: Will be taken down after this year. This stadium is a cool, old fashioned, and loud building)

Staples Center (LA Kings)

Wells Fargo Center (Philadelphia Flyers)

United Center (Blackhawks: This stadium is an electrifying place to be in when the Hawks are in town. Although I’m a Wild fan, it would be super cool to visit this place)

Xcel Energy Center (Minnesota Wild: In my opinion, this is the best arena, mostly because it’s the Wild’s. Going there for We Day or a Wild game with the new scoreboard saying “Xcel Energy Center” and the hung up 30 team NHL flags is most electrifying to me. The goal horn by far is the best goal horn in the league.)

Spring Fling Dress Up Days

By: Bri P

MONDAY: Walking Yearbook/Pajama Day

TUESDAY: Destination Day
7th- Texas
8th- Alaska
9th- Africa
10th- Mexico
11th- California
12th- Orlando
Staff- Hawaii

WEDNESDAY: Class Color Day
7th- Purple
8th- Blue
9th- Red
10th- Grey
11th- White
12th- Black
Staff- Orange

THURSDAY: Duct Tape Day

FRIDAY: Surf, Sun, and Fun Day

Everything Comes To An End

By: Trisha M

Things are coming to an end
As I sit back and listen to the wind like a tornado is coming
Moving miles and miles
Faster and faster each time
Remember all the good times
Like it all happened yesterday

Monday, March 27, 2017

Beautiful Corruption

By: Ashtyn T

You love to hurt me.
You love to make me laugh and smile.
I love you.
When I'm with you I feel on top of the world
You’re the only person who can make me feel like I'm on top of the world
You’re the only person who can make me cry the most I've ever cried
You’re the devil and God at the same time.
I feel like I'm the prey and you’re the hunter
One shot and I'm dead
You're the only one who can revive me
How you’re so beautifully corrupted.
I look at you and see perfection.
You’re my drug, I'm addicted to you.
I’d die without in my life but with you in it sometimes I already feel dead
You make me smile as big as the world
I could fill the ocean with how many tears you’ve made me cry
You’re my heaven and hell
You’re beautifully corrupted

Hockey Rink

By: Ashtyn T

My blood is pumping, the intensity is high. I feel the cold air on my face. I see the ref drop the cold, hard puck. Everyone scrambles for the puck. I skate as fast as I’ve ever skated before. I feel like I'm flying. I hear the loud screams of the crowd. I’m skating down the middle of the ice and all I see is the goalie. I raise my wooden stick up and shoot. The puck is flying 100 miles an hour. I see the puck go into the top right corner of the net. I’m so ecstatic. I see my teammates skating towards me: jumping, screaming, cheering. We won the game! I hear the crowd cheer louder than they ever have before.

My First Year Of Softball

By: Trista E

Before I moved to Minnesota, soccer was always a big thing in Texas so I played it all of my life. I'm so use to using lower body, using my upper body instead was a big change and it is hard to transition. Softball is more complicated. You have to know a lot, even if you're a beginner. It's more than just kicking a ball and scoring a goal. It's definitely a very awkward sport to play if you're new to it. The stances I have to do are new and im still getting use to them. Because I have never picked up a bat in my life, trying to hit a ball is really hard because I’m so used to using my feet. Everybody is really nice and have been helping me with a lot of things. They have been supportive and have kept me motivated. I’ve had fun so far even though I’ve only been to a couple of practices. I hope to learn more.

The Elephant Said

By: AshleyG

In the beginning the elephant created the water and the earth
and the elephant said,
"Let there be money"
and there was money.
The elephant saw that the money was good,
He sent it to you as a gift for Valentine's Day
and happy valentine's day